Who we areee

Cailin Whincop

Hi guys! I’m Cailin and I am a USC Representative on the BUCSC for 2010/2011 with Emily!

I am in the Foods and Nutrition program in first year and am living in residence.  I did an extra year of high school (victory lap) before I came to Brescia.  For the past two years and during the summer I have been working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor.  I have been figure skating for most of my life, and have coached and judged it for a while as well.  I really enjoy reading novels when I have spare time.  I love summer weather, but I also love the new beginnings, colours and excitement of fall.  After my degree I plan to become a registered dietician and work in the health field either clinically or more health promotion!

I wanted/want to be a USC Rep to bring Brescia and main campus closer together while sharing my love for both.  I love getting involved and getting others involved as well.  I get to proudly represent our school and also bring back the action from main campus!

I’m super pumped for an awesome year on the BUCSC and USC!

Emily St.Aubin

Hey everyone! So my name is Emily and I am one of the USC representatives on the BUCSC this year. I’m a third year Foods and Nutrition student, originally from Windsor, Ontario.

Upon graduation I may go on to graduate school, but ultimately I would love to work in the Public Health field.
So why did I run for USC Rep??
I wanted to help bridge the divide between main campus and Brescia. So as a USC rep, I am a communicator. I attend USC meetings and represent you, the Brescia community, and I get to speak on your behalf. In return I get to let you know about what’s going on at the USC.
I have learned so much this past year being a USC Representative on the BUCSC. It has been such a great experience which I will continue to value in the future.


2 Responses to Who we areee

  1. Katie McNamara says:

    you guys are the best.
    I love it when people just take their positions and run with them and you have done exactly that. I support this blog and all the initiatives you take to involve students so much and I am so proud to be on council with such passionate and thoughtful individuals.

    okkayyy random warm fuzzy over.
    but for real, you guys are amazing 🙂
    keep doing what you’re doing


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