USC Meeting – January 26th 2011

Hey fellow readers!! Sorry for the delay since our last post / delay in posting since the meeting!! So a lot of sweet stuff happened at our meeting last Wednesday. I’ll try to chronicle it to the best of my abilities below… 🙂


Members Announcements

  • This week is Careers Week (Jan31st-Feb4th)!!!! Check out the schedule (I linked it) for all the details!
  • Elections season is heating up with the USC Elections starting up this week!! Nominations are due tomorrow, and the first presidential debate is Wednesday, February 2nd at 7pm in Council Chambers!! I’ll be there, so if you wanna come with just leave a message! An additional “issues-based” debate will be on Saturday, February 5th at 10:30AM where there will be specific segments dedicated to the different vice-presidential portfolios (and if you can’t come out, there will probably be a live twitter feed going on).
  • Love Oweek? Want to experience it again? Why not apply to be a soph?? SOPH APPS are due Wednesday, February 2nd at 4pm!! Such a great experience, don’t miss out!!
  • UWO Opera is putting presentations of “The Marriage of Figaro” next Fri/Sat/Sun, tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door!
  • Want to start up a new club next year? New club applications are due Wednesday, February 16th. A “How to Start a Club” seminar is being held this Wednesday, February 2nd in UCC369
  • USC Student Awards applications are now online – deadline is Thursday, February 17th
  • The Women’s Issues Network (WIN) has two new workshops in the UCC Support Services Centre this term! “Exploring Spirituality” is on Monday’s at 5pm, and “Meditation/Prayer” is at noon on Wednesday’s
  • Look out for an ice rink on Concrete Beach (potentially this week!!)
  • If you’re planning far in advance, UWO’s Relay for Life is on March 26/27th this year. Never too early to start fundraising 🙂

We also had a number of Presentations this week! So much information….

1. Charity Ball!!!

So I know Charity Ball was last night, but I just wanted to thank all the people that put so much hard work into the event. Such a great night, excellent DJ, and an unbelievable turnout! This year Charity Ball supported the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of London. I can’t wait to hear what the fund raising totals are!

2. Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)

We also had a presentation by two representatives from CASA, an advocacy group which represents twenty different post-secondary student associations/alliances across Canada to federal and inter-provincial levels of government. CASA’s vision is for Canada to achieve an accessible, affordable and high quality post-secondary education system, whose students enjoy an excellent quality of life.

The USC is a member of CASA – so what are the benefits?? CASA helps…

  • lobby the federal government – they present issues/problems and propose solutions;
  • student leaders gain access to top decision makers
  • students by giving us an opportunity to influence a national agenda
  • give us value for our student $$$$

For instance, did you know that a 10-15% book import tax is added onto textbooks brought into Canada? This was created to protect two small publishers in Canada – both of which are now closed. Yet we still pay the tax. The removal of this book tax is just a simple  example of what CASA does for students.

3. UWO Improv

Such a funny presentation (obviously…). A nice break after a pretty intense CASA Q&A period.
They are also hosting a Improv Show at the Wave this Thursday, February 3rd at 8pm. Tickets at $5 at the door. Really don’t miss out they are a ridiculously funny troupe.

4. World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

Mission Statement: “WUSC is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training.”

One component of the WUSC is the Student Refugee Program (SRP), which at Western supports one student refugee every four years due to very little funding. Western’s branch of the WUSC first came to the USC last term looking for a student levee to help support their current student, as well as some additional funding to support one new refugee a year, instead of one every four years. However at our previous USC meeting in January a motion was passed to revoke this additional funding so that some more research / policy writing could be done.
In response, the WUSC collected over 3,000 student signatures to overturn the USC’s decision and go to referendum (10% of the student population must sign the petition to validate a student-initiated referendum). 

The referendum funding would go solely to the SRP program, but they are also currently looking at other funding options (such as becoming a USC Service).

5. Elections Committee

The Elections Committee came to speak a bit about the elections (naturally), and more stringent rules about outdoor signage to potentially become effective next school year because it’s too late to change the bylaws for this election.

6. HUCSC – Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross. What is this??? “A play written in 1982 by David Mamet, chronicles parts of two days in the lives of four desperate Chicago real estate agents who are prepared to engage in any number of unethical, illegal acts—from lies and flattery to bribery, threats, intimidation and burglary—to sell undesirable real estate to unwitting prospective buyers.”

Intrigued? I sure am. Put together in a quick five weeks, the shows are February 10,12&13th at 7:30pm in Conron Hall (University College). Tickets are $10 at Infosource.

7. Ontario University Student Alliance (OUSA)

Did you get free KD last week? See any blue chairs around campus? Last week marked OUSA’s Blue Chair Campaign, which brings light to students that cannot access university. Just a few facts….

  • early outreach to students as young as grade 8 demonstrates dramatic results in increasing participation in higher education for underrepresented groups
  • higher income students are twice as likely to attend higher education than lower income students
  • rural students are 60% less likely to attend university than urban students
  • the average tuition in Ontario is $6,307 a year – the highest rate in Canada

Is University really accessible to everyone?

New Business

We also had two motions that came up in new business. The first was in light of the WUSC, which was passed. The second brought up great amounts of debate and was ultimately passed onto the Committee of Council Operations and Agenda (COCOA – yes, they did rename themselves).

This second motion concerned our USC meeting schedule. I know, it doesn’t mean a lot to the average student, but in the fall we passed a motion to switch to a monthly meeting schedule for a “trial basis”. However, now we have returned to a biweekly schedule. This motion was to return to a biweekly meeting schedule for the upcoming school year. More info about this issue will definitely be coming up!! Stay tuned!

That was about it that happened at the meeting this week. If you have any questions/comments/corrections, just leave a message!!

– Emily

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3 Responses to USC Meeting – January 26th 2011

  1. Tara says:

    Quote: “For instance, did you know that a 10-15% book import tax is added onto textbooks brought into Canada? This was created to protect two small publishers in Canada – both of which are now closed. Yet we still pay the tax. The removal of this book tax is just a simple example of what CASA does for students.”

    Has there been a removal of this tax or does this mean the CASA is lobbying to remove it?

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