USC Meeting – October 27th

The meeting agenda can be found here.

Council member’s announcements:

  • Engineers Without Borders Pumpkin Drop on UC Hill Thursday Oct. 12th at 2:30pm
  • Social Science Formal Nov. 12th at  the Delta London Armouries at 9pm, tickets are $25 and can be picked up at the kiosk in the Social Science building
  • Win week Nov. 1-5th, events all week in the UCC
  • Science formal Nov. 19th at Aroma, tickets yet to be announced and check out the Science news paper The Current now on stands at Nat Sci
  • Huron Undergraduate Society Sketch Comedy shows Fri Nov. 29th Sat Nov. 30th at 8pm room v214
  • Huron fashion show Nov. 26th at 8pm, looking for models and musical acts
  • Nov. 4th dub step night at The Wave $5 tickets ahead, $10 at door
  • There were 565 voters for the Municipal Election in the UCC on Oct. 14th
  • The USC and The White Ribbon Campaign Proudly Present: Michael Kaufman, Nov. 17th 6:30-8pm, free presentation
  • Off Campus Formal Nov. 17th
  • Grocery Store is now OPEN! 🙂
  • Student Transitional Executive Program, 8 week program every Tuesday and Wednesday, speakers and reflection after, to register
  • Nov. 2nd and every Tues. live band karaoke at The Spoke, they can play any song
  • USC Terrorfest is taking place this week!
  • Nominations for teaching awards are open now unil Nov. 12th
  • Western Formal Charity Ball is on Jan 29th
  • Theatre Western trip to Toronto to see Wicked Nov 14th, tix $130 including transportation, there will be time to go shopping as well, buy them at info source
  • check out the Office of the Ombudsperson for your University questions.  Questions about a grade? It’s open to everyone, and located in room 30100 of the Western Student Services building

There was a collective bargaining presentation on UWOFA and UWOSA to inform everyone, you can check it out here.

The standing committees each breifly explained what happened at their first meeting.

There are six standing committes, each consisting of different USC divisions that are to be dealt with (as Emily mentioned in her last post).  At the next USC meeting, the motions from the standing committees will be brought up.  The six committees are: Agenda & Operations, Campus Issues, University Affairs, Finance, Student Life and Communications.

The new members of the USC as of this Fall needed to be placed on a standing committee, so this was done.  I chose to be on the Student Life committee, and am now officially a member!

Posted Motion # 1 was passed to include part-time students in the health plan!

There was also a motion #2 that wasn’t posted.  If the motion was passed it would involve having a couple members make an online survey asking students whether or not they want the strike to happen to aid the hault of the strike.  If the motion was not passed they would still be able to make the survey but it wouldn’t be mandatory, where as if it was passed the survery would have to be conducted.  This caused a long heated debate, and eventually did not get passed.

Shortly after the meeting was adjourned!

All for now,



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