October 13th USC Meeting!

This extra meeting (they are usually held once a month) was held for the upcoming municipal elections!

There was also a candidate Meet & Greet at The Wave just before the council meeting.  I had a chance to speak with a few mayoral candidates as well as Ward candidates.

The following four City of London Mayoral Candidates came to speak at the meeting:

  • Joe Fontana
  • Eric Southern
  • Cynthia Etheridge
  • Anne Marie DeCicco-Best

There were also some announcements from council members:

  • Applications for the 2010/2011 O-Week Coordinator are available now until October 29th, check out the USC and O-Week websites!
  • The USC is putting on Halloween Terrorfest the week before Halloween, these are the events:
  1. Haunted Forest on Oct. 26-29, 7-11pm (7-10pm on the 28th) at the Saugeen parking lot for $2!
  2. Horror Films:
    Oct 26 – Paranormal Activity
    Oct 27 – Scary Movie
    Oct 28 – The Blair Witch Project
    Oct 29 – I Know What You Did Last Summer
    FREE @ 4pm in McKellar Theatre (2nd floor UCC)!
  3. Zombie Pub (19+) on Oct. 28th at the Wave, doors at 9pm, $3!
  • Huron is organizing “Think Pink” on Thursday Oct. 21st at The Frog.
  • Kings Calvin Harris event on Oct. 29th is almost sold out, grab your tickets at InfoSource in the UCC or London Music Hall.  Also check out kucsc.com
  • The Huron Underground Dramatic Society is having a sketch comedy night on Oct. 29th & 30th for #5, at Huron.

Until next time,


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