USC Meeting – Sept 29th 2010

The meeting agenda can be found here.

So at the beginning of the meeting there were plenty of announcements from council members:

  • Clubs Week was a really big success with an unremarkable number of students signing up!! If you didn’t have a chance to sign-up, the online store is still open!!
  • Brescia will be hosting Canadian gold medal goalie Sami Jo Small on Tuesday October 12th at 7:30pm in the Brescia Auditorium. This presentation is part of the Sophia Speaker Series.
  • Engineering faculty is hosting the Ontario Engineering Games on February 4-6th 2011 and they are currently recruiting volunteers.
  • The Haunted House in the UCC gyms is canceled this year (in part because the gyms are being renovated to provide some much needed student space!!) However there will be celebrations and activities during the whole week prior to Halloween.
  • Huron is hosting their annual semi-formal on Friday October 15th. All members of the UWO community are invited. For more info visit their facebook page.
  • Municipal election!!!! coming up before you know ittt
    Wednesday October 13th: meet the councilors and mayoral candidates at 5:30 in the Wave!
    Thursday October 14th: advanced polling station in the UCC!! (convenient much?!)
    Tuesday October 19th: “Hack the Vote’s: So you think you can council” Game show event at 9pm in the Wave!
    Monday October 25th: The real mccoy! (or you know the true election day…) If you missed the advanced polling in the UCC, go vote at your community polling station 🙂
  • Pride Western: Pride Week coming up on October 12th-15th
    Tuesday October 19th: Judy Shepard will be speaking in HealthSci rm40 at 7pm. She is the mother of Matthew Shepard, who was killed due to his sexual orientation. It should be a really great speech, and is free to all UWO students that register online. For more info visit Pride’s website.
  • Volunteer week will be held next week (October 4th-8th) in the UCC atrium. Go check out all the cool opportunities on campus as well as in the London community.

We also had a presentation to council from OUSA (Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance).

What does OUSA do? “OUSA represents the interests of over 140,000 professional and undergraduate, full-time and part-time university students at seven institutions across Ontario. Our vision is for an accessible, affordable, accountable and high quality post-secondary education in Ontario.  To achieve this vision we’ve come together to develop solutions to challenges facing higher education, build broad consensus for our policy options, and lobby government to implement them.” (right off their website..)

On Wednesday, representatives from OUSA were on campus (you probably saw signs around saying “OSAP sucks”). This townhall was discussing student financial aid and your options for making post secondary education more affordable.

There were also two heated debates which occurred during our meeting (I know so exciting!!). These were in relation to the two posted motions:

Posted motion #1 was an amendment to our current meeting schedule due to the changes in the USC’s governance structure. This motion states that meetings would only be held once a month, due to all of the background work which would take place at the Standing Committee meetings. Many councilors spoke against this motion, saying that it would decrease the transparency of council, disadvantage councilors that did not get onto their desired standing committee, and lead to one ridiculously long monthly meeting.

However, just when I thought the motion was going to go to vote, a councilor suggested an amendment to the motion, saying that we would trial this new structure until our December 8th meeting. In shock and awe the majority of councilors voted in favor of this amendment and this motion was passed on a trial period. Therefore, the USC’s next official meeting will not be held until October 27th, but we will all be present to hear the councilors and mayoral candidates speak on October 13th.

Posted motion #2 was in relation to our council agenda (so the structure of our meetings). I know, not very exciting for you guys to know about…. Ultimately the Agenda and Operations Standing Committee revised the agenda and proposed to remove some unnecessary points to help increase the efficiency of our meetings. An amendment was brought forth to keep the BOG and Senate reports, however council did not vote in favor of this. Ultimately this motion was passed unchanged, and should increase our efficiency in the future!!

That was about it from the meeting… after some popcorn, BOG and Senate reports, the Presidential Report and some questions in new business, our meeting was adjourned.

If you’re ever interested in attending a USC meeting they are open to all of the UWO community. So just stop in or communicate with one of us and you can come sit with us!! 🙂


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One Response to USC Meeting – Sept 29th 2010

  1. Kate says:

    This is a great initiative! Way to keep Brescia students informed about what goes on in the USC!!

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