Hello world!

So for the past few weeks it’s been irking me…

I’m a Brescia USC representative. I’m supposed to let Brescia students know whats going on at main campus. I’m supposed to help bridge the gap. Keep people informed. I go to meetings down there, decide things on your behalf, and have nothing to prove for it.

Until last night. It dawned on me. Sure I could try and maintain some type of corkboard in the St.James building. And if you guys think that’s a great idea I’d try my best to keep it up to date. But in reality, the info I get at meetings is mostly the spoken word. And unless you want me to regurgitate the USC meetings back at you, or unless you want to read our meeting minutes on the USC website, I thought this would be a better idea.

I will blog.

And by I, I mean me and our newly elected USC rep (I’m not sure if they are aware of their winnings just yet, so i’ll keep that private).

So pretty much the purpose of OUR blog is to give you news about the USC. So we will:
– Post news and events from our meetings (such as events being held by other constituencies, heated debates that occurred and motions which were passed or sometimes unfortunately, not passed).
– Moreover, under the new governance structure of the USC, USC representatives are required to sit on standing committees. Personally I sit on the Student Life Standing Committee, so I will also blog about our deliberations in those meetings.

In the next few days I will blog about our last USC meeting which occurred on Wednesday, September 29th 2010, as well as post some useful USC links. I am still trying to get a hang of this blogging thing, so my first posts may be a bit scattered!! We will also post links on the BUCSC website / facebook group. Ultimately my goal of this blog is to increase the transparency of the BUCSC USC representatives, and to show that the affiliate divide can be conquered!!

All the best!!


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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Alysha says:

    This sounds great Emily!

  2. I randomly ran into this: but this is such a good idea!

    Kudos to you Emily and BUCSC for doing this!

    I’ll follow whenever I can. 🙂

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