USC Meeting February 16th

This meeting started early at 6pm instead of 7pm to avoid conflicting with the election result’s show that started at around 7:30pm!

The agenda for the meeting can be found here.

Here are some announcements from councillors;

  • Festival of the arts is March 7th,8th and 9th
  • Ivey Film Festival is March 22nd
  • Arts Night March 7th 7-10th in the Great Hall in Summerville House
  • The Vagina Monologues are March 5th and March 6th at 2pm and 7pm
  • Relay for life at UWO is March 26 & 27th

There were a few presentations!

– Student Legacy Challenge (deciding how to spend the $175,00 left from unpicked up bus pass refund money).  The application period to submit a proposal is February 1st – 28th, they are reviewed by the Buss Pass Refund Committee March 1st – 7th, on March 8th the proposals that are approved are presented at an event where all students are welcome, and on March 9th the USC General Assembly are presented with the proposals to get voting approval!

– Communications Survey Findings – Students were e-mailed the survey and the results are now online!

– Elections Committee – Referendum Petition – talked about the WUSC survey findings! Check out motion 1!

– University Students’ Council Governance Review Part 2!

There was then a few standing committee reports talking about what took place at the last meeting.


1 – A student referendum was needed to be brought forward for the March referendum period which consisted of implementing a $0.52 student fee (beginning September 2011) to go towards World University Services of Canada – PASSED!

2 – Requesting a Registered Interest Party Campaign to take place during the referendum from motion 1 – PASSED!

3 – WITHDRAWN! (same motion as 2)

4 – Requesting the Elections Committee to develop a referendum question for the March referendum ballot asking if students are in favor of a $13.00 student fee to implement late night bussing on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and holidays starting in September 2011 – PASSED!

5 – Requesting Elections Committee to develop a referendum question on the March referendum ballot asking if students are in favor of a $30.68 student fee increase starting September 2011 and maintaining a 5% annual increase and $1.50 administration fee to go from an 8 month buss pass to 12 month bus pass – PASSED!

6 – It was discovered that the Faculty of Education’s enrollment number was listed as 1,530, which should have been listed as 725, and therefore two councillors should be removed from the faculty.  As well, there was currently no representative from London Hall, so it was requested that London Hall will now have one councillor – PASSED

7 – Request to extend the mandate of the Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee to present their report to Council at Annual General Meeting Part 1 on March 16, 2011 – PASSED!

Shortly afterwards the meeting was adjourned as everyone was looking forward to hearing the election results!


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USC Meeting – January 26th 2011

Hey fellow readers!! Sorry for the delay since our last post / delay in posting since the meeting!! So a lot of sweet stuff happened at our meeting last Wednesday. I’ll try to chronicle it to the best of my abilities below… 🙂


Members Announcements

  • This week is Careers Week (Jan31st-Feb4th)!!!! Check out the schedule (I linked it) for all the details!
  • Elections season is heating up with the USC Elections starting up this week!! Nominations are due tomorrow, and the first presidential debate is Wednesday, February 2nd at 7pm in Council Chambers!! I’ll be there, so if you wanna come with just leave a message! An additional “issues-based” debate will be on Saturday, February 5th at 10:30AM where there will be specific segments dedicated to the different vice-presidential portfolios (and if you can’t come out, there will probably be a live twitter feed going on).
  • Love Oweek? Want to experience it again? Why not apply to be a soph?? SOPH APPS are due Wednesday, February 2nd at 4pm!! Such a great experience, don’t miss out!!
  • UWO Opera is putting presentations of “The Marriage of Figaro” next Fri/Sat/Sun, tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door!
  • Want to start up a new club next year? New club applications are due Wednesday, February 16th. A “How to Start a Club” seminar is being held this Wednesday, February 2nd in UCC369
  • USC Student Awards applications are now online – deadline is Thursday, February 17th
  • The Women’s Issues Network (WIN) has two new workshops in the UCC Support Services Centre this term! “Exploring Spirituality” is on Monday’s at 5pm, and “Meditation/Prayer” is at noon on Wednesday’s
  • Look out for an ice rink on Concrete Beach (potentially this week!!)
  • If you’re planning far in advance, UWO’s Relay for Life is on March 26/27th this year. Never too early to start fundraising 🙂

We also had a number of Presentations this week! So much information….

1. Charity Ball!!!

So I know Charity Ball was last night, but I just wanted to thank all the people that put so much hard work into the event. Such a great night, excellent DJ, and an unbelievable turnout! This year Charity Ball supported the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of London. I can’t wait to hear what the fund raising totals are!

2. Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA)

We also had a presentation by two representatives from CASA, an advocacy group which represents twenty different post-secondary student associations/alliances across Canada to federal and inter-provincial levels of government. CASA’s vision is for Canada to achieve an accessible, affordable and high quality post-secondary education system, whose students enjoy an excellent quality of life.

The USC is a member of CASA – so what are the benefits?? CASA helps…

  • lobby the federal government – they present issues/problems and propose solutions;
  • student leaders gain access to top decision makers
  • students by giving us an opportunity to influence a national agenda
  • give us value for our student $$$$

For instance, did you know that a 10-15% book import tax is added onto textbooks brought into Canada? This was created to protect two small publishers in Canada – both of which are now closed. Yet we still pay the tax. The removal of this book tax is just a simple  example of what CASA does for students.

3. UWO Improv

Such a funny presentation (obviously…). A nice break after a pretty intense CASA Q&A period.
They are also hosting a Improv Show at the Wave this Thursday, February 3rd at 8pm. Tickets at $5 at the door. Really don’t miss out they are a ridiculously funny troupe.

4. World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

Mission Statement: “WUSC is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training.”

One component of the WUSC is the Student Refugee Program (SRP), which at Western supports one student refugee every four years due to very little funding. Western’s branch of the WUSC first came to the USC last term looking for a student levee to help support their current student, as well as some additional funding to support one new refugee a year, instead of one every four years. However at our previous USC meeting in January a motion was passed to revoke this additional funding so that some more research / policy writing could be done.
In response, the WUSC collected over 3,000 student signatures to overturn the USC’s decision and go to referendum (10% of the student population must sign the petition to validate a student-initiated referendum). 

The referendum funding would go solely to the SRP program, but they are also currently looking at other funding options (such as becoming a USC Service).

5. Elections Committee

The Elections Committee came to speak a bit about the elections (naturally), and more stringent rules about outdoor signage to potentially become effective next school year because it’s too late to change the bylaws for this election.

6. HUCSC – Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross. What is this??? “A play written in 1982 by David Mamet, chronicles parts of two days in the lives of four desperate Chicago real estate agents who are prepared to engage in any number of unethical, illegal acts—from lies and flattery to bribery, threats, intimidation and burglary—to sell undesirable real estate to unwitting prospective buyers.”

Intrigued? I sure am. Put together in a quick five weeks, the shows are February 10,12&13th at 7:30pm in Conron Hall (University College). Tickets are $10 at Infosource.

7. Ontario University Student Alliance (OUSA)

Did you get free KD last week? See any blue chairs around campus? Last week marked OUSA’s Blue Chair Campaign, which brings light to students that cannot access university. Just a few facts….

  • early outreach to students as young as grade 8 demonstrates dramatic results in increasing participation in higher education for underrepresented groups
  • higher income students are twice as likely to attend higher education than lower income students
  • rural students are 60% less likely to attend university than urban students
  • the average tuition in Ontario is $6,307 a year – the highest rate in Canada

Is University really accessible to everyone?

New Business

We also had two motions that came up in new business. The first was in light of the WUSC, which was passed. The second brought up great amounts of debate and was ultimately passed onto the Committee of Council Operations and Agenda (COCOA – yes, they did rename themselves).

This second motion concerned our USC meeting schedule. I know, it doesn’t mean a lot to the average student, but in the fall we passed a motion to switch to a monthly meeting schedule for a “trial basis”. However, now we have returned to a biweekly schedule. This motion was to return to a biweekly meeting schedule for the upcoming school year. More info about this issue will definitely be coming up!! Stay tuned!

That was about it that happened at the meeting this week. If you have any questions/comments/corrections, just leave a message!!

– Emily

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USC meeting – Wednesday November 24th 2010

Hi everyone!!

So yesterday we had a very exciting USC meeting!! Before the meeting it seemed like every councilor was tweeting about the grueling 12 motions to debate, but due to the USC’s new governance structure these were debated efficiently and the meeting was adjourned by 10pm!

The agenda can be found here.

There were (as expected), several announcements from councilors!

  • The White Ribbon Campaign will be happening next week.
    As you may or may not know, the white ribbon campaign began in 1991 by a group of men in the hopes of ending men’s violence towards women. Earlier this month, Michael Kaufman, a co-founder of Canada’s white ribbon campaign came to UWO to speak about the cause. This campaign was originally dedicated to the female engineering students murdered in Montreal in 1989 and this is still a major component of the week.
    Look out for informational sessions in the UCC, pledge murals, movies at 2:30 in the McKellar room and white ribbons tied around trees during the week.
    A Montreal Massacre commemoration will be held on Thursday December 2nd in the UCC atrium at 1pm. Similar commemorations will be held at Brescia and the faculty of Engineering on Monday, December 6th.
  • Huron fashion show will be this Friday, November 26th at 8:30 in their Student Activities Centre (SAC). Admission is $5 at the door.
  • Theatre Western has shows of “The Importance of Being Earnest” this weekend at the Grand Theatre.
    Showtimes: Thurs/Fri/Sat @ 8pm and Sat matinee
    Price: $10 for students, $15 general admission
    Tickets are available at InfoSource
  • Tony Lee – X-Rated Hypnotist will be putting on a great show this Friday, November 26th at 10pm at the Wave. Tickets are $8 at the door. Expect a great show – I’ve been before and one of my good friends was hypnotized! Ridic! 19+
  • MIT Student Council Charity Coffee House this Sunday, November 28th at 7pm in the Spoke. Instead of a monetary admission, attendees are asked to bring art supplies which will then be given to the Arts For All Kids charity. Lots of fresh UWO talent – will not be disappointed!
  • Huron Dance-a-thon Sat/Sun December 4th/5th (10am-10am) in the SAC @ Huron. Put a team together for an epic 24hr dance-a-thon!! All proceeds go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation which raises funds for women/children in Africa that have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Oweek Feedback Session December 7th @ 5-7pm in Council Chambers (UCC). Have some input in next year’s oweek!!
  • Music Tuba Christmas Caroling Wednesday December 8th @1:30 in Talbot College Foyer! Come out to sing along to Christmas songs played by their excellent tuba players!
  • Arts&Humanities Student Council has secured Margaret Atwood at UWO on January 19th 2011 (OMFG)!!!! Time and place TBA.
  • SAVE THE DATE : January 29th 2011 – UWO Charity Ball!! All proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club of London 🙂

Following all these exciting announcements we had a presentation from the lovely Scott Courtice (movember supporter), about Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest. I did not take extensive notes on his presentation but it was very informative and remember to keep ethics in mind 😉

Standing Committee Reports

All Reports can be found @ Councilors Corner

  • Finance : Proposal to put into a place a system where clubs could request a student levy to be put to a referendum vote during the USC elections. This proposal was brought to the Finance Standing Committee by the World University Service of Canada Club (WUSC), whose purpose is to financially support a student refugee so that they could attend UWO. Currently the club sponsors one refugee every four years. An increase in the student levy over the next few years will allow them to support one new refugee every year, or four refugees every year. The system of levy requests by clubs which are brought to referendum vote is currently used at Stanford. Currently the WUSC is the only club at UWO with a student levy.
    Did you collect your bus pass refund check last year?? If not, you aren’t alone!! The USC has $175,000 worth of unclaimed checks! They are now staled dated and will not be reinstated. The finance committee proposed the formation of an ad-hoc committee (so a committee that will dissolve once its purpose is fulfilled), to be formed to deal with allocation of this cash.
  • Communications: Election of their vice chair (woooo)
    First YouTube video posted!!
    The USC blog is up and running!! Check it out for updates on events going on around campus!
  • Campus Issues: Looking into doing a social responsibility audit of the USC, the feasibility of a waterbottle free UWO!!
  • University Affairs: Weldon Library will be 24/7 from December 10-17 and will be funded by the UWO administration. Don’t expect a “Club Weldon” this year though – there will be backpack checks at the door.
  • Student Events: Discussed the amount of info students need to give out to charitable organizations on campus.
  • Agenda and Operations: Will be getting updated information soon on the composition of council for next year (one USC representative for every 600 students in a constituency), and looking into the formation of a governance ad-hoc committee to tie up some loose ends surrounding the new governance structure.

Posted Motions!!!!

These are all found here.

Not Gonna lie most councilors were a little apprehensive wheEsn we heard twelve motions were being brought to council. Usually we deal with 2-3 motions. However the fact that we breezed through these 12 motions demonstrates the efficiency of  the new governance structure.

  1. Proposition of a referendum vote for part time students to give them coverage under the Student Health Plan. PASSED
  2. Proposition to run an information-based campaign about the coverage of part time students under the Student Health Plan referendum. PASSED meaning that the USC does not have an interest in the outcome of this referendum and will simply present information in an unbiased manner.
  3. WITHDRAWN since it was the proposal of a Yes/No campaign in regards to the Part Time Student Health Plan Referendum, and council had already decided on an information-based campaign.
  4. Development of a referendum question by the elections committee in regards to the WUSC’s proposed student levy to help support additional refugees. PASSED
  5. Proposal for the USC Grants Committee be established as a sub-committee of the Finance Standing committee. PASSED
  6. Proposal for the USC Finance Committee be established as a sub-committee of the Finance Standing Committee, and to be known as the Budget Committee PASSED
  7. Establishment of an ad-hoc committee to determine how the $175,000 worth of unclaimed bus pass refund money should be allocated PASSED
  8. USC affiliated fundraisers can collect information other than name and email addresses PASSED
  9. Name change of the Student Life Standing Committee to the Student Events Standing Committee to better reflect its purpose PASSED
  10. Name change of the Agenda and Operations Committee (AOC) to the Committee of Council Operations and Agenda (COCOA) since another committee already uses the acronym AOC and to increase their “approachability” PASSED
  11. Continue with the new schedule of one USC meeting per month which will be reassessed at the next scheduled council meeting in Janurary PASSED
  12. Formation of an ad-hoc committee to complete the governance review PASSED

Following all of these motions we elected the governance ad-hoc committee members and councilors were nominated to the bus pass refund ad-hoc committee.

An executive council summary was brought forth by Mike Tithecott where he touched upon:

  • the new laptop rental program!!! Running out of InfoSource, you can rent out a netbook for up to 5days at a time. Great response so far, looking into potentially getting some more laptops??
  • new bus shelter out of the UCC coming soon 🙂

During the question period just some cool info from VP Student Events Justin Mackie… weather-permitting there will be an ice rink on concrete beach this winter (SWEET!!), and for all those thinking of applying for your respected soph teams in the new year, a new soph database will be coming your way!!!

That pretty much wrapped up another exciting USC meeting!!

If you have any questions, comments, or how to go about asking for a grant from the $175,000 bus-pass refund money that wasn’t collected, just leave a comment and either me or Cailin will get back to you!!

Stay tuned for our next post in the new year,


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USC Meeting – October 27th

The meeting agenda can be found here.

Council member’s announcements:

  • Engineers Without Borders Pumpkin Drop on UC Hill Thursday Oct. 12th at 2:30pm
  • Social Science Formal Nov. 12th at  the Delta London Armouries at 9pm, tickets are $25 and can be picked up at the kiosk in the Social Science building
  • Win week Nov. 1-5th, events all week in the UCC
  • Science formal Nov. 19th at Aroma, tickets yet to be announced and check out the Science news paper The Current now on stands at Nat Sci
  • Huron Undergraduate Society Sketch Comedy shows Fri Nov. 29th Sat Nov. 30th at 8pm room v214
  • Huron fashion show Nov. 26th at 8pm, looking for models and musical acts
  • Nov. 4th dub step night at The Wave $5 tickets ahead, $10 at door
  • There were 565 voters for the Municipal Election in the UCC on Oct. 14th
  • The USC and The White Ribbon Campaign Proudly Present: Michael Kaufman, Nov. 17th 6:30-8pm, free presentation
  • Off Campus Formal Nov. 17th
  • Grocery Store is now OPEN! 🙂
  • Student Transitional Executive Program, 8 week program every Tuesday and Wednesday, speakers and reflection after, to register
  • Nov. 2nd and every Tues. live band karaoke at The Spoke, they can play any song
  • USC Terrorfest is taking place this week!
  • Nominations for teaching awards are open now unil Nov. 12th
  • Western Formal Charity Ball is on Jan 29th
  • Theatre Western trip to Toronto to see Wicked Nov 14th, tix $130 including transportation, there will be time to go shopping as well, buy them at info source
  • check out the Office of the Ombudsperson for your University questions.  Questions about a grade? It’s open to everyone, and located in room 30100 of the Western Student Services building

There was a collective bargaining presentation on UWOFA and UWOSA to inform everyone, you can check it out here.

The standing committees each breifly explained what happened at their first meeting.

There are six standing committes, each consisting of different USC divisions that are to be dealt with (as Emily mentioned in her last post).  At the next USC meeting, the motions from the standing committees will be brought up.  The six committees are: Agenda & Operations, Campus Issues, University Affairs, Finance, Student Life and Communications.

The new members of the USC as of this Fall needed to be placed on a standing committee, so this was done.  I chose to be on the Student Life committee, and am now officially a member!

Posted Motion # 1 was passed to include part-time students in the health plan!

There was also a motion #2 that wasn’t posted.  If the motion was passed it would involve having a couple members make an online survey asking students whether or not they want the strike to happen to aid the hault of the strike.  If the motion was not passed they would still be able to make the survey but it wouldn’t be mandatory, where as if it was passed the survery would have to be conducted.  This caused a long heated debate, and eventually did not get passed.

Shortly after the meeting was adjourned!

All for now,



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October 13th USC Meeting!

This extra meeting (they are usually held once a month) was held for the upcoming municipal elections!

There was also a candidate Meet & Greet at The Wave just before the council meeting.  I had a chance to speak with a few mayoral candidates as well as Ward candidates.

The following four City of London Mayoral Candidates came to speak at the meeting:

  • Joe Fontana
  • Eric Southern
  • Cynthia Etheridge
  • Anne Marie DeCicco-Best

There were also some announcements from council members:

  • Applications for the 2010/2011 O-Week Coordinator are available now until October 29th, check out the USC and O-Week websites!
  • The USC is putting on Halloween Terrorfest the week before Halloween, these are the events:
  1. Haunted Forest on Oct. 26-29, 7-11pm (7-10pm on the 28th) at the Saugeen parking lot for $2!
  2. Horror Films:
    Oct 26 – Paranormal Activity
    Oct 27 – Scary Movie
    Oct 28 – The Blair Witch Project
    Oct 29 – I Know What You Did Last Summer
    FREE @ 4pm in McKellar Theatre (2nd floor UCC)!
  3. Zombie Pub (19+) on Oct. 28th at the Wave, doors at 9pm, $3!
  • Huron is organizing “Think Pink” on Thursday Oct. 21st at The Frog.
  • Kings Calvin Harris event on Oct. 29th is almost sold out, grab your tickets at InfoSource in the UCC or London Music Hall.  Also check out
  • The Huron Underground Dramatic Society is having a sketch comedy night on Oct. 29th & 30th for #5, at Huron.

Until next time,


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USC Meeting – Sept 29th 2010

The meeting agenda can be found here.

So at the beginning of the meeting there were plenty of announcements from council members:

  • Clubs Week was a really big success with an unremarkable number of students signing up!! If you didn’t have a chance to sign-up, the online store is still open!!
  • Brescia will be hosting Canadian gold medal goalie Sami Jo Small on Tuesday October 12th at 7:30pm in the Brescia Auditorium. This presentation is part of the Sophia Speaker Series.
  • Engineering faculty is hosting the Ontario Engineering Games on February 4-6th 2011 and they are currently recruiting volunteers.
  • The Haunted House in the UCC gyms is canceled this year (in part because the gyms are being renovated to provide some much needed student space!!) However there will be celebrations and activities during the whole week prior to Halloween.
  • Huron is hosting their annual semi-formal on Friday October 15th. All members of the UWO community are invited. For more info visit their facebook page.
  • Municipal election!!!! coming up before you know ittt
    Wednesday October 13th: meet the councilors and mayoral candidates at 5:30 in the Wave!
    Thursday October 14th: advanced polling station in the UCC!! (convenient much?!)
    Tuesday October 19th: “Hack the Vote’s: So you think you can council” Game show event at 9pm in the Wave!
    Monday October 25th: The real mccoy! (or you know the true election day…) If you missed the advanced polling in the UCC, go vote at your community polling station 🙂
  • Pride Western: Pride Week coming up on October 12th-15th
    Tuesday October 19th: Judy Shepard will be speaking in HealthSci rm40 at 7pm. She is the mother of Matthew Shepard, who was killed due to his sexual orientation. It should be a really great speech, and is free to all UWO students that register online. For more info visit Pride’s website.
  • Volunteer week will be held next week (October 4th-8th) in the UCC atrium. Go check out all the cool opportunities on campus as well as in the London community.

We also had a presentation to council from OUSA (Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance).

What does OUSA do? “OUSA represents the interests of over 140,000 professional and undergraduate, full-time and part-time university students at seven institutions across Ontario. Our vision is for an accessible, affordable, accountable and high quality post-secondary education in Ontario.  To achieve this vision we’ve come together to develop solutions to challenges facing higher education, build broad consensus for our policy options, and lobby government to implement them.” (right off their website..)

On Wednesday, representatives from OUSA were on campus (you probably saw signs around saying “OSAP sucks”). This townhall was discussing student financial aid and your options for making post secondary education more affordable.

There were also two heated debates which occurred during our meeting (I know so exciting!!). These were in relation to the two posted motions:

Posted motion #1 was an amendment to our current meeting schedule due to the changes in the USC’s governance structure. This motion states that meetings would only be held once a month, due to all of the background work which would take place at the Standing Committee meetings. Many councilors spoke against this motion, saying that it would decrease the transparency of council, disadvantage councilors that did not get onto their desired standing committee, and lead to one ridiculously long monthly meeting.

However, just when I thought the motion was going to go to vote, a councilor suggested an amendment to the motion, saying that we would trial this new structure until our December 8th meeting. In shock and awe the majority of councilors voted in favor of this amendment and this motion was passed on a trial period. Therefore, the USC’s next official meeting will not be held until October 27th, but we will all be present to hear the councilors and mayoral candidates speak on October 13th.

Posted motion #2 was in relation to our council agenda (so the structure of our meetings). I know, not very exciting for you guys to know about…. Ultimately the Agenda and Operations Standing Committee revised the agenda and proposed to remove some unnecessary points to help increase the efficiency of our meetings. An amendment was brought forth to keep the BOG and Senate reports, however council did not vote in favor of this. Ultimately this motion was passed unchanged, and should increase our efficiency in the future!!

That was about it from the meeting… after some popcorn, BOG and Senate reports, the Presidential Report and some questions in new business, our meeting was adjourned.

If you’re ever interested in attending a USC meeting they are open to all of the UWO community. So just stop in or communicate with one of us and you can come sit with us!! 🙂


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Hello world!

So for the past few weeks it’s been irking me…

I’m a Brescia USC representative. I’m supposed to let Brescia students know whats going on at main campus. I’m supposed to help bridge the gap. Keep people informed. I go to meetings down there, decide things on your behalf, and have nothing to prove for it.

Until last night. It dawned on me. Sure I could try and maintain some type of corkboard in the St.James building. And if you guys think that’s a great idea I’d try my best to keep it up to date. But in reality, the info I get at meetings is mostly the spoken word. And unless you want me to regurgitate the USC meetings back at you, or unless you want to read our meeting minutes on the USC website, I thought this would be a better idea.

I will blog.

And by I, I mean me and our newly elected USC rep (I’m not sure if they are aware of their winnings just yet, so i’ll keep that private).

So pretty much the purpose of OUR blog is to give you news about the USC. So we will:
– Post news and events from our meetings (such as events being held by other constituencies, heated debates that occurred and motions which were passed or sometimes unfortunately, not passed).
– Moreover, under the new governance structure of the USC, USC representatives are required to sit on standing committees. Personally I sit on the Student Life Standing Committee, so I will also blog about our deliberations in those meetings.

In the next few days I will blog about our last USC meeting which occurred on Wednesday, September 29th 2010, as well as post some useful USC links. I am still trying to get a hang of this blogging thing, so my first posts may be a bit scattered!! We will also post links on the BUCSC website / facebook group. Ultimately my goal of this blog is to increase the transparency of the BUCSC USC representatives, and to show that the affiliate divide can be conquered!!

All the best!!


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